outlook web app

Outlook Web App (OWA) is OU IT's recommended method for checking your Exchange e-mail. OWA offers a user-friendly, efficient e-mail interface with easy access to Exchange's collaborative features and allows you to quickly check your e-mail from any computer with an internet connection.

To use OWA:

  1. Point your web browser to http://exchange.ou.edu.
  2. Select Use Web Access Light to use the OWA Light * or leave the checkbox blank to use OWA Premium **.
  3. Log in using your 4+4 and password.

There are two versions of OWA: Premium and Light.

* OWA Premium
The OWA Premium client offers the full Exchange client features in a slick, user-friendly interface similar in layout and function to the Outlook desktop client, and includes great extras like full right-click functionality and auto send/receive.

OWA Premium supported on Internet Explorer 7 or 8, Firefox and Safari browsers. Click the picture to the right for a full screen view of the OWA Premium interface.

** OWA Light
OWA Light is compatible with most all browsers and also makes access from internet-capable mobile devices a snap.

Highlights of the Outlook Web Access 2007 Light client:

  • The Light client is generally faster for dial up and low bandwidth connections.
  • Robust accessibility options for blind (screen reader) and low-vision (high contrast settings) users.
  • The Read and Compose message forms are presented in a flat, in-frame format.
  • The Compose message form features a Most Recent Recipients list. The list is created using the auto-complete cache.
  • A user can locate people, groups, resources, etc. from various address lists in the Address Book and also within the "Find Someone" search field located in the Options bar and the Address Book icon located in the Options bar.
  • The Scheduling Assistant is accessible for creating or editing appointments or meeting requests.

More information about Outlook Web Access: